HiFi music, connected in a cable.

About us

Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2017 and had successfully registered the trademarks ddHiFi and DD. We focus on making auxiliary, dedicated and customized audio products to audiophiles.

Product Planning

Digital Decoding Cable: Auxiliary products to use with FiiO products at affordable price.

Leather case and headphone stand: Leather cases are mainly designed for FiiO products; headphone stand will be more focused on providing more storage function.

Earphone Cable:The price will be higher than $100 covering MMCX as well as other connectors.

Plug and Adaptor: Providing solution to audiophiles who pursuit perfection on details with consideration to portability, smart design and premium materials.

Charging Cable: Meeting the audiophile’s needs with professional material and connectors.

Customized Products: Earphone, earphone cable, special plugs, etc.