【Firmware Update】New Firmware Update for ddHiFi TC44B!


​​In order to improve the user experience, we have upgraded the firmware for the TC44B. This update mainly improves the noise issue when playing DSD128 and DSD256 tracks or switching between DSD tracks under Windows system.  Please follow the steps below to get your TC44B updated to the latest firmware, thanks.


Note: It’s required to complete the steps on a computer running on Windows system.


Step 1. Connect the TC44B to your computer with the provided USB-A to TypeC converter.


Step 2. Download the firmware file (2021-3-ddHiFi-TC44B.exe) and click to run: >> Click to download


Step 3. Click ‘Yes’



Step 4. Click ‘Write EEPROM’



Step 5. A pop-up dialog box will remind you to unplug and replug the USB device and then confirm.



Step 6. Firmware updated successfully.





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