Headphone Jack Adapter TC35i


Q: Is the TC35i MFi certified?

A: It uses MFi certified Lightning chip and connector, so you are rest assured that there will be no compatibility issue. But owing to some restrictions, the TC35i, as well as other third-party earphone-related finished products, is unable to get the MFi certification.


Q: Does it support in-line remote controls?

A: It supports all the functions of Apple headset, including in-line controls and microphone; it supports most of the functions of CTIA standard earphones, including play/pause and answering phone call, but can’t adjust volume.


Q: Does it have built-in codec? How does it compare to the Apple official adapter?

A: 1). The TC35i uses official connector and chip, the audio signal will only go through the decoding and amplification.

2). Owing to the cable-free design, it can largely reduce the influence to sound quality.

3). It uses 316 stainless steel that has no magnetic attraction, which has greater shielding to interference signal.

So it‘s supposed to have an overall better sound quality than the Apple official adapter.


Q: Are there any detailed specifications?

A: The audio output for iSO products are commonly fixed. When using the TC35i, the sampling rates is 48KHz. Sorry that there are no other detailed data can be shared.

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