【New Release】DJ44S MAX 4.4mm Ground Pin Adapter Available Now!


All-in-one design with exclusivity
DJ44S M1 is designed exclusively for SONY NW-WM1A and NW-WM1Z Premium Music Players. 
DJ44S MAX is designed exclusively for SONY NW-WM1AM2 and NW-WM1ZM2 Premium Music Players.


Why is SONY DAPs' 4.4 mm jack not connected to the ground? 
The conventional balanced headphone cable has only four connection points, namely R+, R-, L+ and L-. However, it does not feature the use of the Ground point on the 4.4 mm plug. 
On the other hand, if the 4.4mm headphone jack was grounded, there might be impacting feedback when plugging and unplugging. Perhaps, for this reason, the SONY player's 4.4mm jack is not connected to the ground.


Why does the sound quality improve after being grounded? 
There is a precondition that the 4.4 mm headphone cable used must be shielded and properly grounded. The chassis of Sony players, particularly the NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1ZM2, is made of oxygen-free copper gold-plated material with high purity and strong electrical conductivity that can provide a good grounding for the cables with shielding. When a 4.4 mm headphone with shielding is plugged into, the shielding layer of the cable is then grounded to the player's chassis. As a result, it can better prevent the influence of external electrostatic or electromagnetic induction.


Integrated grounding design promotes reliability and safety 
The chassis of the SONY players are connected to the ground of the 3.5 mm jack. The ground pin of the DJ44S is much shorter than the 3.5 mm headphone plug, which ensures normal grounding and prevents damage to the jack due to unbalanced force*. 
(*Unbalanced force means the pressure point can be overly biased toward one side when inserting or pulling the adapter at an inclined angle. Since the 3.5 mm headphone jack uses a plastic chassis, this is very likely to damage the jack.)


Retaining the signature tuning
 To retain the signature tuning of the SONY players, the DJ44S feature a smaller gauge (thicker) OCC copper cable for connectivity and lead-free gold for soldering. 
*MUNDORF: Sn 88.6%, Cu 1.8%, Ag 9.5%, Au 0.1%.





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