【New Release】ST Silicone Eartips Available Now!



Sound of Dawn

D-Tips, this unique sense of listening is unbiased and does not change the tuning style, just like the morning air, clean and peaceful, the sound of each instrument is more independent, and the borders defined.



D-Tips feature specially formulated colors of grass green and orange,  the two colors of medical-grade silicone materials undergo secondary mixing and molding; the surface is then carefully finished with a skin-friendly coating to make it more comfortable to wear.


High-quality Storage Box

The ear tips are small and easy to misplace. Therefore, a reliable storage box is necessary. The storage box bundled with D-Tips can provide storage for ear tips and other accessories such as adapters, microSD cards, etc.




Silicone Eartips
Color: Grass green
Material: Medical-grade silicone
Diameter 11mm (S)/12.5mm (M)/14mm (L), Height: 8.7mm, Nozzle Diameter: 3.5mm
Weight: 0.37g 


Storage Box 
Color: Grass green 
Material: Food grade PC, PP material; Environmentally friendly, BPA free 
Dimensions: 74×70×23mm 
Weight: 37g



If you are interested in getting one, please check with local sales agent for its availability. If there is no sales agent in your local market, just grab one from DD Aliexpress store at: >> Click here

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