Kindly share your opinion on what kind of earphone cable do you prefer?

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There are different earphone plugs available on the market, most commonly seen are 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm. Is it possible to get one earphone cable that caters to all different plugs? Ok, we are not going to talk this subject further this time. Today, we want to show you the current three types of technology for earphone cable that our DD brand is developing, and we want to hear your voice about which kind of technology do you prefer!


A. Twin-twisted type (commonly seen as hand-woven wire)


a. One signal channel is consist of 90 conductors: wrap 30 insulated conductors and 60 shielded conductors and then re-insulated. b. One strand wire has two signal channel, which means 180 conductors are included in one strand. c. One finished balanced earphone cable is made of two strands of wires which comes to 360 conductors in total.



Two strands of wires twisted spirally and joined together at the joining point and then split to the right and left channel.


Advantage: Integrated and doesn’t asking much for production technology

Disadvantage: Owing to the spiral twisted manner, the overall size is a little bit big



B. Welded splitter type (split 1 main cable into 2 branches)

Each branch cable consists 2 strands of wires, so the main cable has 4 strands which also consist 360 conductors in total.



The 2 branches were welded at the splitter and then joined together to one main cable.


Advantages: Integrated and shows a pretty slim body.

Disadvantages: The welding joint increases the producing difficulty; if not operated well, it might influence the sound quality.



C. Segmented plug-in type (The main cable and the branches can be connected by plug-in)


The conductors components are the same as the B. Welded splitter type.



At the splitter part, the cable can be plug in and plug out. The picture above shows the minimum junctor for 4 cables.


Advantages: Different headphone plug pin can share the same main cable, lowered the cost

Disadvantages: The longer splitter increases the overall cable dimensions


DD brand aims to make a earphone cable that can combine durability, convenience and sound quality. The above-mentioned 3 types can meet the market needs but all has their own cons and pros. Please reply and let us know which type do you want DD brand to release to the market first! Thank you!


Yours sincerely,

DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.