Headphone Adapter DJ44B/DJ44C


Q: Why don’t the DJ44B/DJ44C use the same transparent housing as the DJ35A/DJ44A?

A: The 4.4mm socket is much bigger than the 2.5mm socket, if we still use transparent plastic housing, the wall thickness should be thicker as well, eg, the minimum required thickness is 0.4mm if use stainless steel, but would be 1mm if use plastic, which would be hard to make it as small and compact as possible. In order to make it solid as well as compact, we use the more expensive 316 stainless steel as its material.


Q: Is there any sound difference between the DJ44B/DJ44C and other adapter cable?

A: For the DJ44B/DJ44C, we use high purity 6N OCC for internal wiring, high fidelity soldering tin for the soldering, and high quality gold-plated layer for the socket and plug. All of these make sure the transmitting signal is reliable enough, so as to guarantee the sound quality is as lossless as possible.


Q: Why the price of DJ44B/DJ44C is higher than the DJ44A?

A: This is caused by the increased cost on the product processing and high quality materials. The housing and the cover are all metal and they are all processed by CNC-ed machining. One thing that needs to be mentioned is the cutting tool requires to change to a new one after processed tens of stainless steel products. In order to provide better user experience, the cost is correspondingly higher.


Q: What is the adapter for? Is it a mini speaker or Bluetooth device?

A: We’ve been asked this question before. This adapter is a dedicated accessory for earphones by switching between different plugs, it’s not a mini speaker or others.


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