HiFi Carrying Case C-2019


Q: What’s the maximum size of a product can the case store?

A: The case can hold product within the dimensions 190mm*90mm*30mm (LxWxT), but since it's designed with zippers, so you need to reserve some space at the corners. It’s recommended to store FiiO, Sony, AK music players, but please note that product like KANN CUBE is not recommended since it would be too tight to put in.


Q: Why are there some workmanship-related problems, such as irregular stitching or uneven zippers?

A: For bags and cases, it’s common to have individual differences in appearance. You can send pictures to us to show the specific situation, if it’s confirmed that the workmanship is beyond acceptable, we can exchange for a new replacement.

But slight thread overlapping or minor zipper bending are indeed unavoidable during the production process, do hope you can kindly understand.


Q: Is the case water proof?

A: The Nylon on the surface is waterproof, which can prevent raindrops or water mark, but it’s not allowed to put the case into the water since water will go inside through the zipper and earphone cable outlet.


Q: Why is there smell on opening the case, is the material not environmental-friendly?

A: For cases from newly finished batch of production, the smell may caused by the inner anti-press gasbag. Since it’s sealed package, the smell can’t emit. So you can just take out the gasbag when get the package, then the smell will disappear soon.


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