​​​​​​​Headphone Adapter TC35B

Q: Does the TC35B support all types of Type-C smartphone?
A: It’s tested to be compatible with various of Type-C smartphone from brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Meizu, Huawei, etc. All the phones have no issue in playing music, but some of them don’t support in-line control volume adjustment.


Q: Does the TC35B support iPad Pro?
A: Yes

Q: Why the in-line control volume adjustment is invalid while answering phone call?
A: If you find the in-line control volume adjustment invalid or other issues, it’s suggested to take out the earphone and use the microphone to answer your phone call. Since the line control function of phone differs from brand to brand, and some phones have special specifications for accessory agreement, so that it may make them not compatible that perfectly.

Q: Will the metal adapter break the Type-C port on my phone?
A: The Type-C interface on the phone would have gone through dozens of high-strength tests during the production, and the force of using the adapter is almost the same as that of using the charging cable. So if use properly, there is no need to worry about damage.


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