​​​​​​​Knob Cover Knob-M15

Q: Can I remove the paper sticker in the inner ring of the knob cover?

A: Please don’t remove it, since the paper sticker was pasted there to avoid friction between the knob and the cover. You can just put the cover onto the knob and let the protection starts. If the sticker paper was removed accidentally, you can find some textured paper to paste back instead.


Q: Can I use the Knob-M15 with the FiiO official silicon case on?

A: Yes


Q: Can I use the Knob-M15 with the FiiO official PU leather case on?

A: No, they are not compatible, since there is an unremovable cover on the official PU case which will make the cover fits too tightly.


Q: Can I use the Knob-M15 with the FiiO genuine cowhide leather case on?

A: Yes


Q: Will DD release a leather case to use together with the Knob-M15?

A: Yes, ddHiFi leather case C-M15 is estimated to be released on May 22nd or so. Included in the package, we will provide a free Knob-M15. If you have already placed an order for Knob-M15 from DD Official Store on AliExpress before, please contact our customer service to get a discount coupon for the DD C-M15.


Note: If you buy from local sales agent, please consult them for the local sales policy, thanks.


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