【New Release】ddHiFi Releases the Dual Sockets Dynamic IEMs E2020A (Janus) Worldwide!

After nearly a year of meticulous preparation, we finally made it possible to release our very first In-Ear Monitors, the E2020A (Janus). We want to take this opportunity to thank all the friends who’ve helped us during the process.


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 ⫸ Dual Sockets — Physical

We name the E2020A after the ancient Roman’s God of beginnings “Janus.” Symbolized by two faces,  “Janus” marks a new beginning while allowing us to reflect on our past and anticipate the future. 


The earphones continue to feature the original T-shaped design, which is synonymous with the brand, coupled with the application of the dual sockets concept of allowing the use of earphone cables featuring both the MMCX as well as the 2-pin 0.78 mm connectors.


 ⫸ Dual Cavities— Tuning

The E2020A is featured with air pits on both the front and rear cavity. The front cavity, in particular, provides unique sound tuning with six air pits and six tuning papers inside to deliver a natural and comfortable listening experience.


 ⫸ Dual Wearings — Using

The E2020A allows individuals two styles of wearing; to hang down naturally or hook it over-the-ear. The lightweight earphones are made possible with the combination of a stainless steel front cavity, and the transparent rear cavity. Coupled with the specially designed earphone cable “Forest” from our new “Air” series that is soft to touch, the design elements revolve around our approach of allowing one to realize the most comfortable style of wearing.


 ⫸ Out of the Ordinary— Single Dynamic Driver

Instead of using traditional circuit board, Janus uses flexible FPCB as an interface between the copper wires and the socket, this ensures circuit optimization and results in better audio playback, as well as a lighter form factor.


 ⫸ Included Items—Accessories

Inside the package, you’ll find abundant accessories, including an earphone cable ‘Forest’ from the Air series, a well-designed storage case C80B, a magnetic cable clip C10B, 6 pairs of silicone tips (3 pairs of bass type and 3 pairs of treble type), and 10pcs of MMCX hole dust covers.


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