RC30A RC30B RC40A Shielded Silver RCA Cables Cable Available Now!

RC30A /  RC30B / RC40A

Shielded Silver RCA Cables for Desktop Systems


Covering all common connectors
The common signal outputs of desktop decoding systems are 3.5mm, 4.4mm and RCA, and the common input interface for amplifiers and active speakers is RCA.
The three models of ddHiFi RC series upgrade cable are RC30A, RC40A* and RC30B, corresponding to the use of three different connectors.


Slim looking high fidelity cable New member of the "Blue cable family"
Feature 1: Double shielded coaxial structure
For desktop use, it requires the cables, adapters and other accessories to be as compact as possible.

The structure of the cable is designed to make the two sets of signal wires into a coaxial structure, and add a layer of shielding to the outermost layer

so as to form a double-shielded coaxial structure with three layers of conductors and three layers of insulation.

Such a structure has excellent tensile performance, and creates a cleaner background sound for signal transmission.

Feature 2: Hybrid silver material for tuning
The main core conductor is made of two kinds of pure silver with different diameters, and mixed with silver-plated OCC and Furukawa silver-copper alloy.

The cross-sectional area of the conductor is up to 22.8AWG, which can meet the needs of high-power transmission and also guarantee the transmission efficiency for different signals.

It also contributes to the sound quality, which makes the timbre expression of different instruments more accurate, and the sense of sound positioning clearer.


RCA plugs with detailed features

Feature 1: High-purity gold-plated copper
The main core and grounding plate of the RCA plug are made of high-purity copper,

and the outer layer is electroplated with thick 24K real gold, which has excellent conductivity.

Feature 2: Hidden joint design
There is no long sleeve at the joint of the cable end, since the fixation is completed internally.

And the outer edge is designed to be arc-shaped, which can greatly prevent the outer skin from breakage.

Feature 3: Built-in RCA plug
For a connecting cable which is supposed to plug into the device, the exposed metal parts of the plug are easy to oxidize.

However, the grounding plate on the RCA plug has a dust-proof protective shell, which can effectively isolate dust.


*Special definition of the 4.4mm plug on RC40A
Please note that the 4.4mm plug of the RC40A is not a balanced structure.

In order to make the GND at the RCA end connected, it’s required to use the GND of the 4.4mm plug as a loop, with the negative of the left and right channels unconnected.


Conductors (AWG):

22.8 (Signal+), 24.3 (Signal-), 21.5 (Shielding) 


Cable structure (mm): 
Φ0.08 4N Silver & Φ0.05 4N Silver & Φ0.05mm Silver Plated over OCC & Φ0.05 Furukawa Silver-Copper Alloy (Signal+) 
Φ0.05 5N OCC (Signal-)
Φ0.06 Silver Plated over OFC (Shielding)

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