After-Sales Service

If you find any functional issues with the product during use, or if the product is accidentally damaged, please submit an after-sales application here.


Since the date of product sales, if there is a product quality problems caused by non-human damage, enjoy free one-year warranty service.
Some products may choose to exchange instead of repair after-sales method, the specific implementation needs to be determined according to the actual inspection results of the returned products.

As a special note, this warranty does not cover the following:
(1) Irreversible damage to the product (appearance and performance) caused by man;
(2) Accessories included with the product;
(3) Damage caused by unofficial disassembly and repair actions;
(4) Damage caused by other force majeure factors.

*The right to interpret the above warranty terms belongs to ddHiFi.

Maintenance Service

When there is a problem with your product.
1) Please send the product info below to this email: (or send a relevant message to ddHiFi official Taobao store online customer service)
Product Model
Product problem specific description
Proof of purchase (receipt/invoice/screenshot of purchase record, etc. are acceptable)

(2) When we contact you to send back the product for after-sales processing, please attach a note to the package stating the product problem and the recipient's information, and at the same time, inform the courier waybill number, in order to facilitate the acceleration of the after-sales processing process.

(3) After-sales processing time is generally about 3 to 5 working days, individual products such as maintenance difficulties, the actual processing progress has been delayed, customer service will contact in advance to inform.