Support Center

Sometimes it is difficult to quickly obtain the correct help, even though your dealer will provide you with the best advice. Please review the corresponding solutions based on the type of problem you encounter

Maintenance and after-sales service

If you find any functional issues with the product during use, or if the product is accidentally damaged, please submit an after-sales application here.


If you have any pre-sales inquiries, want to know more detailed product parameters, or are currently unsure how to choose a suitable product for yourself, please choose this help.


We have listed many common concerns that customers may have, and you can check here to see if they can solve the problem. Before contacting us, reading here can help you solve the problem more quickly.

Product Registration

After you receive our product, please register online as soon as possible to obtain your complete warranty. Complete product registration and let us provide you with the best after-sales support.

Online shopping mall after-sales service

If products ordered through this official website require after-sales service, please submit an after-sales application here. We can quickly obtain information through orders.

Other issues

If none of the above options can solve your problem, please contact us directly through this link. We usually contact you within two working days.