MFi06F(2.0) Lightning to USB-A Female USB OTG Cable Available Now!


MFi06F (2.0)
Lightning to USB-A Female USB OTG Cable

 USB OTG Function
It enables you to connect to audio decoder, electronic musical instrument, and other devices.


Camera Kit
It supports reading USB flash disks, card readers, and also connecting to USB keyboards and other devices.


Accessing Data via iPhone's Files App
Open the Files app, insert the USB storage device, and the corresponding option will appear in the position options.

High-Quality USB Cable
The outer layer is made of high-transparency insulated PVC, and the inner layer is made of high-temperature resistant Teflon insulation material, and wrapped with high-purity silver-plated OCC conductor and mixed with tensile-resistant fibers in the middle.


Lightning OTG plug, USB-A female socket
Cable Structure: PVC for the outer layer, insulated Teflon mixed with 4 strands of twisted fibers for the inner layer
Conductor: Silver-plated OCC
Cable Length: 8cm (excl. the plug)
Weight: 9g

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