BC150B Double Shielded Silver Headphone Upgrade Cable Available Now!

To Experience A Wider Soundstage
Double Shielded Silver Headphone Upgrade Cable BC150B


Double shielded coaxial structure
In order to get better tensile resistance for over-ear headphones upgrade cable, the normal practice is to wrap the multi-strand braiding cable with netting to avoid looseness. Instead, the line structure of the BC150B is designed to make the two sets of signal lines into a coaxial structure, and add a layer of shielding to the outermost layer so as to form a double-shielded coaxial structure with three layers of conductors and three layers of insulation. Such a structure has excellent tensile performance, and creates a cleaner background sound for signal transmission.

It's far more than pure silver
The main core conductor is made of two kinds of pure silver with different diameters, and mixed with silver-plated OCC and Furukawa silver-copper alloy. The cross-sectional area of the conductor is up to 22.8AWG, which can meet the needs of high-power transmission and also guarantee the transmission efficiency for different signals. It also contributes to the sound quality, which makes the timbre expression of different instruments more accurate, and the sense of sound positioning clearer.

Optional connectors as per different headphone sockets

3.5mm standard 3.5mm with extended tip Sennheiser 2-pin Sennheiser 2-pin for recessed socket (fits Sennheiser HD800 / HD800S) Focal Lemo (for Utopia) Audio-Technica 2.5mm Audio-Technica A2DC


22.8AWG (Signal+)
24.3AWG (Signal-)
21.5AWG (Shielding)

Cable structure: 
Φ0.08mm 4N Silver + Φ0.05mm 4N Silver + Φ0.05mm Silver Plated over OCC + Φ0.05mm Furukawa Silver-Copper Alloy (Signal+)
Φ0.05mm 5N OCC (Signal-)
Φ0.06mm Silver Plated over OFC (Shielding)

Plug: 4.4mm balanced
Connector: Standard 3.5 mm, 3.5 mm with extended tip, Sennheiser 2-pin, Sennheiser 2-pin for recessed socket (fits Sennheiser HD800 / HD800S), Focal Lemo (for Utopia), Audio-Technica 2.5mm, Audio-Technica A2DC.
Length (excl. plug):145cm, 195cm and 295cm for option
Weight:60g (145cm)

If you are interested in getting one, please check with local sales agent for its availability. If there is no sales agent in your local market, just grab one from DD Aliexpress store.