TC28CPro USB-C to USB-C OTG and Power Adapter Available Now!

USB-C to USB-C OTG and Power Adapter


Enjoy music while charging
An USB audio decoding device without battery needs to be powered by the mobile phone to work, but the high current output will quickly exhaust the power of the phone. With the TC28CPro, it enables your Android phone to be charged by an external power supply and use with USB decoder at the same time.


 Side socket highlights user friendliness
When connecting an Android phone to USB-C audio decoding device, the dual-side socket design makes the overal connection more compact. Taking video shooting for example, an external microphone and power bank can be connected at the same time without interfering each other.


 Pro-grade shell craftsmanship
Its shell is made of integrated CNC-ed aluminum alloy,
and the tough lines set off the delicacy of the titanium color,
a new color matching exclusive to Pro series.



USB-C Plug: Supports to connect to Android phone, iPad, PC, etc.
USB-C OTG: USB-C terminated audio decoding device, USB flash disk, keyboard, card reader, etc.
USB-C Charging: 10W Max
Dimensions: 20×13×8.2(mm)
Weight: 4.3g


1. The TC28CPro can NOT support "Fast Charge".
2. The TC28CPro adapter is NOT compatible with some models of OPPO or Remi smart phones.

If you are interested in getting one, please check with local sales agent for its availability. If there is no sales agent in your local market, just grab one from DD Aliexpress store.