Single Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors Janus3 Available Now!

Single Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors Janus3
Wired Earphones Return with Full Functionality


The 3.5mm headphone jack was introduced back in the 19th century, Apple released a new 8-pin charging interface named Lightning in 2012, and the first batch of USB Type-C connector devices hit the market in 2014.

However, USB Type-C and Lightning do not support analog signal audio output.

Balanced signal transmission was first used with a 2.5mm connector, and until 2016, the first commercialized 4.4mm balanced terminal was introduced by Pentaconn and JEITA.
The E2023 is the third generation of Janus (Janus3 for short), which provides an earphone cable with 3.5mm and 4.4mm interchangeable plugs in the package,

and USB Type-C and Lightning terminated earphone cables available for separate purchase.

*The M120B earphone cable needs purchase separtely.


Ensure acoustic stability as well as comfortable fit
The front cavity of the Janus3 is sealed and fixed with the driver unit. The driver unit, which sports a dedicated rear cavity, mainly relies on the space and structure of the front cavity for tuning.

The CNC aluminum alloy unibody moulding process allows precise machining dimensions down to 0.03mm, ensuring high consistency in the frequency response curve for each pair of Janus3 earphones.

The rear cavity's structural space is used to connect the speaker vent and the earphone socket. The high-strength polycarbonate material is used as the rear cavity,

which greatly reduces the weight compared with metal, ensuring that the earphones' centre of gravity is inward facing.


Janus3 + M120B
The waring look of E2023(janus3) and upgrade cable M120B 

The Janus3 is compact and lightweight, so it fits well even with a small ear canal*.
*Small ear canal is a relative term to most people, not big and small.

The outer ear canal and auricle size vary from person to person, while the Janus3 is comfortably smaller compared to some of the larger HiFi earphones.

Straight-down wearing
Straight-down wearing is the most common way to use. Select suitable ear tips according to the size of the ear canal, to secure comfortable fit as well as certain sound insulation.

The Janus3 is designed with a curved hook angle, when wearing straight-down, the silicone ear tips will have a downward force at the position of the tragus and the external auditory canal,

without going too deep into the ear canal, so as to make the wearing more comfortable.
Note: The silicone model picture of the human ear is only used as a reference for better understanding the text.


Over-the-ear wearing
Over-the-ear wearing provides better stability and is generally used during sports activities. The angle of the curved hook will thus probe fully into the external auditory canal,

which provides better sound isolation and a more powerful bass experience.
Note: The silicone model picture of the human ear is only used as a reference for better understanding the text.


Using the latest diaphragm material of the industry
The diaphragm of a driver unit is the key to sound performance, and the dome material is the key core. Both lithium and magnesium have lower density than beryllium's 1.85 g/cm³,

so using lithium magnesium alloy as the diaphragm dome alloy material provides both high rigidity and light weight. Lithium-magnesium alloy also has a very impressive damping coefficient,

using it as diaphragm dome can not only dramatically increase the bandwidth and playback more details,

but also effectively suppress excess resonance, so that the high frequencies are presented in a more natural way.


Provided with  ddHiFi ST35 ear tips
The ST35 ear tips are made of medical silicone, which are soft and safe to use.


Items included in the package
1. One pair of E2023 (Janus3) earbud units 
2. An earphone cable with 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm interchangeable plug
3. One pair each of S, M and L ear tips
4. A storage bag


The evolution of Janus series earphones
Janus1 (E2020A) —> Janus2 (E2020B) —> Janus3 (E2023)


Model:                                               E2023(Janus3)
Speaker:    10 mm dynamic driver with ultra-low distortion lithium-magnesium alloy dome composite diaphragm
Frequency Response:                                               5Hz-58kHz
Effective FR. :                                       20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity:                                       122dB/Vrms(@1kHz)
Impedance:                                              14Ω±15%(@1kHz)
可换线材设计:                                       MMCX connector
                                    Interchangeable Plug: 3.5 mm stereo + 4.4 mm BAL.
Cable Material:                                       OCC with shielding layer
Cable Length:                                                         1.2m
Weight:                                             About 5.5 g (excl. the cable)
Color:                                                        Green + Silvery

If you are interested in getting one, please check with local sales agent for its availability. If there is no sales agent in your local market, just grab one from DD Aliexpress store.