ddHiFi C2023 Carrying Case and C100 Earphone Case Review —— theheadphonelist

Below are excerpts from the review:
C2023: The rear pouch features a u-shaped zipper seam that expands the pouch to hold a water bottle or compact umbrella, leaving the main compartment for a DAP or phone, earphones and cables, wallet, cash, and sundries.
Even fully-loaded, C2023 feels well-balanced because of its flat, padded, leather-lined base.

C100: Made with the same high-quality double-strand blue nylon, 150D polyester, black leather
and metal YKK zippers as its C2023 big brother, the C100 earphone case is much more than just that. Featuring two compartments in a round, clamshell design, you can fit at least two sets of earphones, high-end cables, cards, dongles and other small accessories across its partitioned sections.

From: theheadphonelist