ddHiFi M120B Review—— Headfonics

Below are excerpts from the review:
The treble and upper midrange is more forward on the M120B. There also appears more extension on the low end, giving the Kiwi Orchestra a slightly better thump. The ddHiFi M120B by no means is competing with higher-end cable, it simply is not made for that. What M120B leverages is its plug-and-play design, catered to both audiophiles and casual listeners looking for a solution to the absolution of 3.5mm plugs in mobile phones. ddHiFi went beyond simply giving a solution to a problem. They have engineered the M120B to be a leap beyond the stock cables that IEMs provide, without breaking the bank. This is an ideal additional cable for beginners and veterans in the audiophile community.

From: Headfonics