Impressions:TC44Pro E2 — By theheadphonelist

Below are excerpts from the review:
I hear the TC44Pro E2 to have a very clean, transparent tonality, one that emphasises clarity over warmth. Bass notes stand out against the dark background, with well-defined punch and substantial rumble when called for. There’s no bloominess to the bass, nor does it feel soft and pillowy, quite the opposite in fact. Midrange notes are likewise clean, being neither too full or too thin, and fairly well separated. The treble tuning contributes to the sense of space that I’m hearing, with a wide, deep stage that gives plenty of room for notes to formulate then dissipate.
Overall, I find the tonal and technical performance of the TC44Pro E2 not only pleasing but somewhat surprising, especially when you couple it with the stellar build quality and industrial design.

From: theheadphonelist