RC30A RC40A RC30B Shilded Silver RCA Cables


Shielded Silver RCA Cables for Desktop Systems
Covering all common connectors
Slim looking high fidelity cable New member of the "Blue cable family"
RCA plugs with detailed features

Conductors (AWG)

22.8 (Signal+), 24.3 (Signal-), 21.5 (Shielding)

Cable structure (mm)

Φ0.08 4N Silver & Φ0.05 4N Silver & Φ0.05mm Silver Plated over OCC & Φ0.05 Furukawa Silver-Copper Alloy (Signal+)
Φ0.05 5N OCC (Signal-)
Φ0.06 Silver Plated over OFC (Shielding)

Input plug

3.5mm, 4.4mm, RCA-R + RCA-L

Output plug


Cable Length

60cm and 120cm for option