TC07BC / TC07BA / TC07BL Decoding Cable and TC07AC Standard 2.0 Data Cable


Nyx Series Silver Shielded Data Cable (2.0 Version)
The narrow-waisted and wide-mouthed image
silver shielded wire is smaller and more compact
Gold-plated USB-B Plug (TC07BA / TC07BC / TC07BL)
Standard USB-A Plug (TC07AC)

Cable structure

Power & Signal with Shielding

Inner Insulation

NUC High Precision Chemical Foam PE (Made in Japan)

Outer Insulation

High Transparency PVC (Made in USA)

Data Part

Core Thickness: 27AWG×2

Power Part

Core Thickness: 22.9AWG×2

Core Material

High Purity Litz Type2 Oxygen-Free Copper (Φ0.05mm×19×7×2)

Shielding Material

Litz Silver Plated over LCOFC