M120A 3.5mm Earphone Upgrade Cable with In-line Controls and Microphone Available Now!

Earphone Upgrade Cable with In-line Controls and Microphone



Audiophile quality on-the-go
Derived from the shielded upgraded cable BC125A Air Ocean, the main core of the M120A is made of high purity OCC, with individual signal positive pole up to 25.6AWG.

Thanks to the shielded structure, the cable is soft and also very resistant to pulling, making it convenient for everyday use.


Hidden design for in-line controls and microphone
In order to not affect the continuity of the main channel signal cable, the in-line controller is designed at the split position, using two separate and thinner silver-plated wire conductors to complete the microphone circuit.


A great partner for earbuds
Designed with straight-down connector, the M120A fits perfectly with classic earbuds and in-ear monitors for straight inserting.

And it can also be used with in-ear monitors for over-the-ear wearing.


Available in MMCX and 2-Pin 0.78 connectors
It provides MMCX and 2-Pin 0.78 connectors for option.
For the MMCX connector, it not only supports earphones with regular MMCX connector, but also the new IE series earphones from Sennheiser, such as the IE900.


Recommended to use with TC35B / TC35i
In order to achieve phone call* and in-line controls functions more easily, it’s suggested to use with ddHiFi TC35B / TC35i adapter.
*When answering phone calls, it’s also suggested to bring the microphone closer to the mouth, so as to get better volume and clarity.


Two ways of wearing

The M120A is designed with no fixed ear hook, and the cable is very soft, so it allows for straight-down wearing when pairing with earbuds, and it also fits perfectly when wearing over-the-ear.


25.6AWG (core)
22AWG (cross shielding)
Conductor material: 
Litz high-purity OCC (core)
Litz silver plated OFC (cross shielding)
Cable structure: 
Φ0.06mm×7×7 strands (core)
Φ0.05mm×9×8 strands (cross shielding)

Plug: 3.5mm 4-pole stereo

In-line control: CTIA standard

Connector: MMCX and 2-Pin 0.78 for option

If you are interested in getting one, please check with local sales agent for its availability. If there is no sales agent in your local market, just grab one from DD Aliexpress store.