The operation guide for upgrading the firmware of TC44Pro

When the TC44Pro dongle works with an iPhone, if the prompt ""Cannot Use Accessory. Bravo HD FW Update: This accessory requires too much power" appears, it means the TC44Pro cannot be correctly recognized by iPhone, and please try to upgrade the fimrware of the TC44Pro dongle with the Windows computer.

Here is how to upgrade the firmware of the TC44Pro dongle:

1. Please connect the TC44Pro dongle with the Windows computer by the suitable USB cable or adapter firstly, if the blue light of this dongle is on, then double click to open the file “Firmware upgrade tool for TC44Pro.exe”. As shown in FIgure 1:

Figure 1

2、 (1) Please click the button “…” and select the firmware file “TC44Pro.bin”

(2) Please change the Product ID from “9312” to be “9302”;

(3) Then click the button “Write EEPROM”.
The above operations are shown in the Figure 2 below:

Figure 2

3. The below prompt window will pop up after Step 2, as shown in Figure 3. Please disconnect and reconnect the TC44Pro with the computer again, then click “确定” (Confirm) button to enter next step. Note: there is no need to reconnect the TC44Pro if the below prompt window does not pop up.

Figure 3

4. After reconnecting with the computer, please click “Write EERPOM” to start to upgrade the firmware of TC44Pro. When the blue progress bars reach the end and a prompt message “Write to EEPROM OK!” appears, which means the firmware upgrade is complete, then please click “Exit” button to close the firmware upgrade tool.

Figure 4-1
Figure 4-2

After connecting your TC44Pro to iPhone and headphones, please wait for 1~2 seconds before starting to play songs because the TC44Pro need take a few seconds to be recognized by iPhone. If the model "TC44Pro" appears on the iPhone, as shown in the picture below, it means the dongle has been correctly recognized.

Note: When using the with the Lightning version TC44Pro with iPhone, it is highly suggested NOT to turn the iPhone’s volume to maximum, and it is best not to exceed 80% of the volume on your iPhone. Since the iPhone's Lightning output has a current limit, once the volume is too high, the signal transmission will be interrupted, easily causing the TC44Pro to crash.

Figure 5

Please download the firmware ugprade pacakge for the TC44C dongle by the "Download" button as follow: