TC07BC / TC07BA / TC07BL Decoding Cable and TC07AC Standard 2.0 Data Cable Available Now!

TC07BA: USB-A to USB-B Decoding Cable

TC07BC: USB-C OTG to USB-B Decoding Cable

TC07BL: Lightning OTG to USB-B Decoding Cable

TC07AC: USB-C to USB-A Standard 2.0 Data Cable


Nyx Series Silver Shielded Data Cable (2.0 Version)

The 1st gen of silver shielded wire was applied to the Nyx 09 series. It uses a relatively complex structure of separate shielding for its power supply and data transmission, which is of great help to devices whose power supply are susceptible to interference. The Nyx 07 series uses the 2nd gen of silver shielded wire, which arranges the power supply and data wires at equal intervals. It also uses imported insulation material, and adjusted the density of shielding net, black and white spacing and outer layer insulation according to the impedance matching. Compared to the 1st gen, the 2nd gen silver shielded wire is smaller and more compact.


Easy to Plug and Unplug

The narrow-waisted and wide-mouthed image is a further extension of ddHiFi 2023 design language. The advantage of this unique design is to make the holding more firm when plugging in and pulling out. Moreover, the arched-edge can also reduce wire creases and the bi-color front and rear cavity structure contributes to all-round metal shielding of the plug.


Gold-plated USB-B Plug (TC07BA / TC07BC / TC07BL)

For the USB Audio input of desktop decoding devices, the USB-B interface is more often used. The USB-B plug on the cable uses high-quality gold-plated copper as conductor, which is compact and reliable in use, and the plug's housing is also made of gold-plated material, which can reduce oxide adhesion.


Standard USB-A Plug (TC07AC)

The TC07AC complies with the USB 2.0 standard. Audiophile-grade materials, reliable plugs and all-metal housing guarantee better signal stability for high-end audio devices.



Cable Structure: Power & Signal with Shielding

Inner Insulation: NUC High Precision Chemical Foam PE (Made in Japan)

Outer Insulation: High Transparency SoftFlex PVC (Made in USA)


Data Part

Core Thickness: 27AWG×2

Core Material: High Purity Litz Type2 4N Solid Core Silver (Φ0.08mm×19×2)


Power Part

Core Thickness: 22.9AWG×2

Core Material: High Purity Litz Type2 Oxygen-Free Copper (Φ0.05mm×19×7×2) 

Shielding Material: Litz Silver Plated over LCOFC


Cable Diameter: Φ4.0mm

Cable Length: 50cm and 100cm for option




TC07BL:Lightning OTG、USB-B



                        TC09 Series                                           TC07 Series

          Cable Structure:     Sepate shielded parallel flat structure for power and data                     Four core shielded circular structure

          Data Transmission Conductor:         26.7AWG × 2 Pure silver                                  27AWG × 2 Pure silver

          Power Transmission Conductor :         25.6AWG × 4 Oxygen-free copper                               22.9AWG × 2 Oxygen-free copper

          Sound Signature :                 For overall balanced upgrade                                         To enhance the resolution

          Recommended Combination :             Large desktop devices                                  Compact desktop decoding devices


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